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Solar energy and power is at the top of the list when it comes to green friendly home improvement these days.  Solar power systems can be installed on just about any building, helping to reduce or completely remove the need for city provided power.  Helping to reduce the amount of power being used in your area, you are doing a great part in helping to save the environment.

Solar Power Systems Explained

Solar power systems help use the natural radiant energy emitted from the Sun everyday to power just about anything in a home or office.  These systems convert this radiant energy into usable 120 volt power for all of your home’s accessories, appliances and even lighting, heating and cooling.  This means you use less and pay for less electricity from major electric companies. 

Solar cells are placed inside large panels or actual roof shingles which are installed on or around your home or business.  Placed in the area’s which receive the most sunlight, these photovoltaic cells are what trap the Sun’s radiant energy.  This is then converted right away to the usable electricity you need.  The management system itself is quite small, which helps you save your precious usable space.  Large batteries can also be installed which save this energy for use during overcast days and over night.  This energy can also be converted to heat, which can be used to heat water for homes buildings and pools, or to heat spaces like interior rooms and greenhouses.

Solar thermal heat systems are a great way to go green and can help you save big on your electric bill.  This means that they will pay back their initial cost quite quickly.  Green friendly solar power is the best bang for your buck when looking to do your best to be environmentally conscious.  The tough part is finding the right solar power installation contractor to get you started. 

Find A Local Solar Power System Contractor

Because solar energy systems are still fairly new in the game you want to be sure you use a skilled and experience contractor to help with your new green home improvement project.  That’s why Eco Home Site has created our easy to use, green friendly contractor referral service.  We will set you up with your area’s absolute best solar energy professionals

These skilled experts will give you free estimates on the entire design, build and installation process of your residential or commercial power system.  It’s just that simple so get started today by filling out the short form on this page!  It’s just that easy…

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