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When you really think about it your kitchen consumes the most energy out of any room in your home.  It actually accounts for more than 50% of all the energy used in your entire home.  Large appliances constantly sucking electricity aren’t the only over-consumers.  You also have to think about the amount of water that’s used by your dishwasher as well as high flow faucets that use up more of this natural resource than is really necessary.

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Green remodeling is a great way to not only give your kitchen a beautiful new look but to also help do your part in cutting back on electricity usage along with quite a few other eco friendly aspects.  Environmentally conscious kitchen remodeling projects don’t take any extra expense or time to complete.  All it takes is decent knowledge of the various techniques and elements which create the green remodeling industry.

1) Natural Lighting

One of the first things to think about when starting your kitchen remodeling project is natural light.  Windows are often the most underrated and overlooked aspects of a kitchen remodeling project.  Not only does natural light help you cut costs on electricity for running your lights, but it has also been proven to make cooks happier.  Natural light can set the entire mood of your kitchen, so be sure to incorporate large windows when possible. 

While you’re still in the design step, be sure to accommodate space for proper ventilation.  Many kitchens don’t have nearly the airflow that they should, meaning those in the cooking space often deal with poor air quality which can be saturated in harmful chemicals from cleaning products.  Vents and fans should be strategically placed to ensure great air flow, providing everyone in the room with clean, fresh air.

2) Green Friendly Kitchen Appliances

Finding proper appliances is your next, and arguably most important step.  Just about every homeowner has a refrigerator that is too big.  Figure out exactly what you can live without and pick an appropriately sized fridge.  Many microwaves are also entirely too big for what they are used for.  Think about it, you don’t need a massive microwave to re-heat last nights leftovers.  Go with smaller appliances which will save you money in the beginning as well as cut back drastically on the amount of electricity your kitchen uses.  This is by far the most effective means of green friendly kitchen remodeling.  Reduced energy usage is the easiest and best way to help the environment.

Also discuss building materials with your kitchen remodeling contractor.  Many types of flooring, insulation and cabinetry can contain chemicals like formaldehyde, which are bad for the environment.  Ask your green friendly kitchen remodeling contractor to use only materials which are natural and don’t contain chemicals which can not only be hazardous to your health when exposed to them for too long, but also harm the eco system.

3) Recycling Made Easy

Also be sure to include recycling in your kitchen remodeling project.  You can do this in three ways.  Be sure that during demolition you recycle as much of the materials from your original kitchen as possible.  Then be sure your contractor uses as many recycled and readily available natural materials as they can while still going with the over all theme and design of your kitchen.   Also be sure to accommodate for an area that is dedicated to holding your recyclable goods.  A bin or drawer built to hold cans, bottles and paper will help you recycle while keeping your kitchen looking good.

Green remodeling is all about cutting back on the usage of resources as much as possible.  Whether it be electricity, water or anything else, the best and easiest way to have a green friendly kitchen is to work with a knowledgeable eco friendly kitchen remodeling contractor.  A skilled and reliable contractor who knows the advantages of eco friendly construction will be able to guide you through the entire design and build process.  These green friendly contractors want to help the environment as much as you.

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The real question is where do you find the right green friendly kitchen remodeling contractor?  With so many contractors in your local phone book it will be tough to find one that actually knows what they are talking about when it comes to eco friendly construction.  Luckily Eco Home Site as created our easy to use online contractor referral service to help you find the right green friendly contractor for your kitchen remodeling project.  We will match you with your area’s best local environmentally friendly kitchen remodeling contractors to help you with the entire process.  Compare their absolutely free estimates and find the perfect professional and discuss all of your options for this major project!

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