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Superior Replacement Windows is an energy efficient window supplier and low-e window glass installation company providing repair and replacement services for residential and commercial applications. Our dual pane window glass is made from UV reflective coatings that filter out harmful rays and reflect heat during the summer months. We offer full replacement window packages and single pane and dual pane insulated glass units to replace cracked or broken glass while salvaging the frame material.

Phoenix Residential & Commercial Glazing

Superior Replacement Windows is a contractor with an impressive track record in the greater Phoenix area. The company provides superior customer service to both residential and commercial customers.

Window Glass Replacement

A new window enhances the indoor environment by improving thermal comfort, aesthetics of the room as well as the acoustics and ventilation. Glazing was previously focused on simple glasses that were made to measure. Nowadays, glaziers not only install and replace windows they provide advice to customers. The windows have multiple functions within the building and they are an object of constant improvements. The result is a varied range of glazing options that retain several factors: transparency, thermal insulation and sound insulation and reduced maintenance.

Some of the types of glass fitted by glaziers include laminated glass, tempered glass, reinforced glass and safety glass.

Replacement Windows

Window replacement is a vital undertaking that helps homeowners enhance energy efficiency. For instance, double glazed windows provide a good quality of glass, which can insulate the building in a natural way. Homeowners still need to clean them regularly but it protects occupants from both noise and the elements.

Changing the windows of a house or apartment improves its thermal and acoustic insulation. The heating bill is thus reduced, not to mention that this type of work offers a real added value when planning to sell the property.

Opting to replace windows with double-glazed windows will save homeowners money on heating by retaining the heat generated indoors. However, the price of a double glazed unit is higher than a single window but it offers better comfort.

Window Installation

The installation of windows is a key aspect that requires professional handling. For this reason, it is strongly recommended to call Superior Replacement Windows in Phoenix. The cost of installation is less important than the cost of the window.

When renovating, it is important to take into account the existing fixtures to ensure a perfect installation. This provides a surefire way to guarantee protection from the wind, water and noise. It is wasteful to invest in double or triple glazed windows and not install them properly.

Call Superior Replacement Windows in Arizona for window replacement and installation services in Maricopa County and the greater Phoenix area.

Main Services

  • window repair
  • window replacement
  • glass door replacement
  • sliding glass door repair
  • window glass replacement


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