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Your home’s roof is the most important line of defense against the harmful effects of Mother Nature.  A roof’s job is to successfully route water away from the vulnerable interior systems of your building.  While quality roofs can last quite a long time, it’s no secret that at one time or another, your home or office’s roof is sure to fail.  When this happens you have two options; roofing repair or complete replacement.  A skilled local roofer will be able to inspect your roof to figure out exactly what your options are, and can install a new roof for you quite quickly.

Your Green Roofing Material Options

Take into account a few green roofing options which will help do your part in saving our precious environment.  Just about any home improvement project these days can be tailored to be a green project, which means great things for home and business owners who would like to be environmentally friendly.

Green roofing is actually a great subject, because it has two meanings.  It can be taken literally, where plants and grass are actually grown on top of a home’s roof.  Your roof can be covered with a water proof lining which prevents anything from penetrating into the interior of your home.  Then soil and seed is laid down to start an actual garden on your roof.  This actually has quite a few benefits that you might not normally expect.  Roofs of this type can help to reduce heating and cooling by the added mass increasing your roofs thermal resistance level.  Green roofs also help reduce run-off water which can cause issues with your home’s foundation during very strong storms.  Planted roofs will also help prolong the lifespan of the roofing materials underneath; helping to protect them from the weather.  Lastly all your new plants will help reduce CO2 levels in your area, again greatly helping the environment.

Add Solar Panels to Your Roof

The other form of green roofing is roofs that help power your home.  Roofs can be equipped with solar cells attached to panels or shingles which convert the Sun’s radiant energy into usable 12 volt power for your home.  This helps to drastically cut your energy usage and sometimes can take a home completely off the grid, which means they only use power that they create themselves.  Solar power was one of the first means of green energy, and now you can install panels and shingles on your home which blend in quite well.  Not only will your home be environmentally friendly but you will pay for the entire system fairly quickly with the money you save on your electric bill.

Find Local Eco Friendly Roofing Contractors

When you’re in need of roofing repair or replacement be sure to consider all of your green roofing options.  We can help you find the perfect green roofing contractor here with Eco Home Site’s easy to use online roofer referral service.  All you have to do is fill out the easy form on this page and we will match you with your area’s premier roofing repair, replacement, installation and inspection contractors, all of which are involved in the green movement.  Discuss your options and get started today!


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