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Many homes throughout the United States have heating and cooling systems.  When these systems have a centralized unit which sends temperature controlled air throughout the building they are commonly referred to as HVAC systems.  These systems can do a great job of keeping your home at a specified temperature, keeping you, your family and all your guests perfectly comfortable. 

Save Energy With an Efficient HVAC System

These systems obviously take a bit of energy to run, which we all know hits us the hardest during the extremely cold and hot months.  The thing is most homeowners do not have their HVAC system running at its peak efficiency.  When these heating and air conditioning systems have to work harder than they should to give you the same air, they are wasting valuable energy.

Air Filters Make a Huge Difference

The air filter attached to your home’s HVAC system is one of the most important parts.  This small and fairly inexpensive piece of the heating and cooling system can play a huge part in ensuring that your system is running at maximum residential energy efficiency.  When a filter is clogged with the dirt and other pollutants which it works to take out of the air in your system, it makes the system itself work harder to pull more air through it.  Going green with your HVAC system means you should regularly check the filter to make sure it is working to its best ability.  Replace it when necessary with a fresh filter, which are approximately $20 at your local home improvement store.  Not only will you save the energy that your system is using but you will also continue to have fresh, clean air circulated through your home or office.

Go Green, All the Way!

For those that are more dedicated to the green movement will want to replace their existing heating and cooling unit with a combination water and space heating system.  These environmentally friendly units not only create hot water for your home but also use that energy to heat your building.  These can use your existing ventilation duct work, but will cut your electricity consumption considerably.  This is the best HVAC option you have when looking to help turn your home into a green living space.

Find A Green Friendly HVAC Contractor

While heating and air conditioning systems are still waiting on addition design and green technology, using these tactics to help your current energy status will do a good part in helping the environment.  Here at Eco Home Site we are proud to offer our visitors our amazing online contractor referral service which helps you find the very best green friendly home improvement contractors in your area.  Simply fill out the short form here on your left and get started today.  Compare free estimates from your area's absolute best green HVAC repair, replacement and installationg contractors.  Get started today and compare completely free estimates on your next project!

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