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Eco flooring has become an increasingly popular choice among US homeowners, whose key needs and priorities now include evading the use of non-renewable materials, and maintaining design and aesthetics while also creating as little of a negative impact on the environment as possible. Of course, this is a large category, and there are a range of types of materials used to make eco-friendly flooring. Bamboo, more often than not, features as a top choice in this list - perhaps since it is extremely budget-friendly and offers the right combination of durability, design and sustainability.

While bamboo is actually a type of grass, it has several qualities that make it an ideal alternative to conventional hardwood flooring. To start with, it has a faster rate of maturity (3-5 years) and can be harvested at higher frequency, as opposed to hardwood trees, which take 20+ years to mature (yet many others take even longer). The very structure of bamboo allows for an environmentally responsible process of harvesting - one where the plant's root system remains intact and can regenerate by growing new shoots. It can also easily be customized into different types of finishes, colors and styles. Finally, its high tensile strength can easily weather high foot traffic, and naturally repels allergens, pests and moisture.

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